Violet Flame Healing & Guidance - Regression Hypnosis

Illuminated Quantum Healing (IQH) is a uniquely designed hypnosis modality that is very similar to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT, developed by Dolores Cannon) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). IQH is thorough, multi-stage process. Each stage in the process offers opportunities to cultivate deeper awareness and understanding so that one can heal and expand in consciousness. Sessions generally last about 5-6 hours depending on the unique set of circumstances in each session. I suggest keeping the entire day free to accommodate the session time and integration.

Each client is asked to bring a list of questions for their Higher Self and Spiritual Guidance. These questions can be on anything you desire. Once the intention is set by the client to have a session, the Higher Self will start to “show” to the client topics to focus on during the session. Common question topics include: health issues, including ones that you have accepted as hereditary or “for life”; purpose and path; relationship questions; career/employment; guidance on life decisions; self defeating, self-sabotage patterns; dream explanations; connection with higher realms/higher self/guides/star family; closure with loved ones who have passed on; strange events, time missing; phobias or fears; ascension and New Earth questions; personal and collective.

The Interview: Opening and Unpacking (1-2 hours)

The first stage of the session is about setting intentions and building a connection between the Practitioner and the Client. The Practitioner guides the client through questions about their physical, mental and emotional health to understand where healing is needed. The Client is asked to share their Life Story to understand the core dynamics set up in early life and the patterns and events that occurred that brought them to this stage in their life. The client is invited to share from a place of honesty and transparency, revealing any hidden shame, judgment and fear. Many times, this part of the process is just as important as the Journey, and Work with The Higher Self as many clients feel safe to share about their life experience in a safe and compassionate container held by the Practitioner.

The Journey: (Approximately 1 Hour)

Clients are guided into a relaxed and focused state through meditative and hypnotic methods to uncover information from the subconscious mind. The subconscious communicates through images and feelings. The Higher Self brings forth scenes and experiences from the subconscious that are the most appropriate and beneficial for the client’s healing and expansion. You are never shown anything that will harm you in any way. Often this is experiences from the past and past lives. Although, some clients experience future timelines, experiences in the Spiritual Realms or other imagery that holds keys and information for healing and expanding one’s consciousness.

Working with the Higher Self: (Approximately 1 Hour)

Once the client is deep in trance, we ask to speak with the Higher Self. Channeling the Higher Self feels like being connected to the most powerful and loving version of yourself. The Higher Self is connected to all knowledge, yet only shares what is appropriate and necessary for the client’s evolution. The Practitioner interviews the Higher Self to get more information as to why certain scenes were shown and how it can help the client. The Higher Self is asked to do a body scan and healing on the body. The Higher Self explains the cause of the imbalance and what is needed to do or understand for complete healing. If appropriate, the Higher Self will perform instantaneous multidimensional healing. After the healing, the Practitioner asks any remaining questions. Once the session has reached completion, the client is gently guided back into full awareness.

Integration Chat: (Approximately 15-30 minutes)

Every client is in various levels of awareness throughout the Journey and Work with the Higher Self. Some clients feel that they were present for the whole session or parts of the experience. While others feel that they were asleep for the whole experience. During the Integration Chat, we will have an overview of the information received during the session and talk about how to integrate this new information into your life with grace and ease. I will also share my own intuitive guidance I received during the session during this stage.

What You Need for Remote Sessions:
– Approximately 4-6 hours in a private, quiet space
– A solid internet connection
– Computer, Tablet, or Smart Device that can be plugged into outlet to ensure power
– Corded Headphones with Mic (no Bluetooth)
– List of Questions for the Subconscious (email to me by the time of the session). You can list as many questions as you would like.
– Make sure you won’t be distracted by pets or humans.

All sessions will be recorded using Zoom and you will receive a recording of the session.

Materials to prepare for an IQH session

IQH Process.pdf
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Preparing for IQH Session.pdf
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IQH Process
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IQH (Full Session, 4-6 hours) – $444

Short Regression (2-3 hours) – $244

Now offering short regression hypnosis sessions for those who don’t have the time to do a full session. These sessions have similar structure as described above except for shorter interview and 5 questions max for your higher self.

Session Policy
Sessions can be done in-person or remotely via Zoom Conference Software. Sessions are conducted in English and Russian. You will receive an email for scheduling after booking. All prices include taxes and currency conversion fees. Sessions may be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the session at the convenience of Jane’s availability. In case of absenteeism on your part, the session will be canceled and considered a donation. Payment plans and hardship discounts are available as well and will be discussed on the case-by-case basis.

~ The past has no hold on you unless you hold on to it ~