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Galactic Ambassadors Podcast ft Jane Andrianova QSG Certified Practitioner

Podcast with Julia Balaz from Galactic Astrology where I share my story and we discuss various metaphysical topics and galactic astrology. Julia also shares some of the key schemes from my own galactic chart!

New Session Announcement - Past Life Regression in Under 3 Hours...

Now offering short regression hypnosis sessions for those who don’t have the time to do a full session. These sessions have similar structure as full IQH sessions except for shorter interview and 5 questions max for your higher self.

Interview with Jane Andrianova
(facilitated by Ron Amit from New Earth Ascending)

In this interview with Ron, I share a little bit about my awakening and ascension journey, discovering my gifts and becoming an IQH practitioner. We also share insights about our hypnosis sessions and what information comes through them as well as sacred partnerships and much more.

Self-Healing Techniques for Falling Asleep

A lot of people are experiencing sleep issues right now as our bodies are going through quite a lot of stress and it can be hard for us to relax and quiet the mind. When we finally get to bed, we may not be able to fall asleep and can spend hours tossing and turning and waking up super exhausted. For some of us it’s stress related, for others it’s an ascension related symptom. I thought I’d share some techniques that I found helpful with all of you and hopefully they will work for you as well.

Energy Healing Tutorial for Pets

I’ve been guided to create this video and share how to do energy healing on your pet. This could be used when your pet is not feeling good, recovering from a surgery, has behavioral issues or anxiety. Just like people, animals’ energy needs to be cleared and balanced on a regular basis.

IQH Session Process

For those of you wondering about the IQH sessions, I created this video to help you understand what IQH session consists of, how to prepare for the session and what to expect from it. 

Group IQH Hypnosis Experience
(Includes Past Life Regression and Meeting a Guide)

Group past life regression experience is very similar to an IQH session but much shorter. You can do this at home and you can do this as many times as you like. This will also give you a glimpse into what a one-on-one session is like and will give you a chance to have a short past life experience.

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