Violet Flame Healing & Guidance - My Story

Jane Andrianova is a multi-dimensional quantum energy healer, reiki master, intuitive guide and channel, spiritual mentor, galactic astrologer, twin flame, IQH regression hypnosis practitioner and nature guide and is located in Ashland, Oregon.

Jane was born and raised in the Soviet Union and moved to United States at the age of 18. She has been very intuitive her whole life and had her first encounter with out-of-body experience at the age of 16 when she started meditating. She continued on her spiritual path throughout her twenties and had many experiences with other dimensions using various plant medicine. Jane had this constant interest in learning the other side of reality and who we were as human beings. She has also taken many classes in college on religion, philosophy and archeology to learn more about other countries, cultures and traditions. She resonated with a lot of ancient cultures even though she’s never been there as these were strong past life connections for her.

Jane’s awakening and ascension process has been through a twin flame template in this life and many past lives. She has met several twin flames in this life with the first one being at 16 years of age. Through those relationships, she learned a lot about herself, developed her healing gifts and what her mission was.

Jane has a sacred connection with nature and the animal kingdom. Nature is like a second home to her and she spends a lot of time being in the mountains, on the beach near the ocean and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Jane is a gridworker and gatekeeper and actively works with the energies of the area she resides in. Using her intuitive abilities, she always picks the trails and locations by their energetic blueprint and by listening to her internal guidance and where she is needed.

Over the years, Jane learned different healing modalities, which included Akashic records, tarot, crystals, shamanic work, reiki, astrology, light language, channeling and past life regression. As an intuitive healer, Jane combined many modalities and created her own unique style of healing. She connects and reads your energy bringing in healing and messages that are specific to you and what you need in the current moment. Jane offers energy healing, intuitive guidance, spiritual mentorship (upon request only), galactic astrology soul readings, twin flame/sacred relationship guidance, Illuminated Quantum Healing regression hypnosis and guided sacred nature hikes. Jane has been also initiated as a priestess of the Sisters of the Rose from the Magdalene order.

Jane has a Minister’s license (issued by New Earth Ascending, a faith based organization) and it is part of her mission to work with people and guide them through their awakening and ascension process.

~ Love is the bridge that leads you from loneliness to joy ~