Violet Flame Healing & Guidance - Testimonials

“Jane is a spectacular facilitator for anyone who wants to have a session with her. She was able to guide my Higher Self and help me understand what themes/lessons my soul was going through. Thank you Jane will have another session again soon!”
Kaitlin R, remote IQH session

“I recently had a beautifully assuring session with Jane. She helped affirm many things for me as I just recently had a breakthrough in my spirituality. We had a powerful discussion prior to the energy work she performed on me. During the energy healing she not only relieved the pain I had in my foot for years which was completely unexpected because it was not a huge concern of mine. She also helped clear a lot of things up for me, showed me where I had a minor blockage so I can continue to work through it. She also helped me feel much more grounded. I felt lighter and full of love. She intuitively uses tools at the end of the session that she feels called to so in my case the sound bowls came out and my goodness it was an amazing experience. I’m already booking another session with her for IQH which she has incorporated into her past life regression hypnosis. I am excited and grateful to have found her to help with my expansion of consciousness. Thank you, Jane!”
Danijela, in-person energy healing session

“I had a wonderful detailed session with Jane. She is very sweet and made me feel very comfortable before our session. Her giving info before and after the session was great. During my session I experienced deep healing. Had lots of realizations and lots of important information for my highest good came through. Jane was very patient and understanding and her guidance was phenomenal. I would like to thank Jane for helping me heal myself in the ascension atmosphere. Great session indeed.”
NH, remote IQH session

“Doing an IQH session with Jane has been a life changing experience for me. I was divinely guided to this healing modality and when I connected with Jane, I immediately felt her loving energy. During the session, Jane helped me feel safe so I can let go and am able to connect with my Higher Self. Together we travelled to a past life that is crucial for me to heal in order to release blocks keeping me from accessing my highest potential. Also, with Jane’s gentle guidance, my Higher Self did a scan and energy work on my body and chakras. I have been suffering with liver pain and arthritis, and during the healing I sensed the stagnant energy being released. Today, I have not pain in my fingers and I can move them freely, and my liver pain is significantly reduced. Finally, Jane assisted me in asking my Higher Self about decisions that I needed to make in my personal and family life and about my life purpose. I am in awe of what a difference it makes to not only be pointed in the right direction but also to hear the perspective of my Higher Self about my life and why it is developing the way it is. It matters so much to me to know the view of the Divine and I feel that seeing my life through the lens of my Higher Self is what will help me overcome anything. Thank you, Jane! I will definitely be back.”
Ana K, remote IQH session

“My session with Jane was truly amazing. She has such grace and compassion and was able to stay focused and grounded throughout the whole process. I loved how she walked me through from start to finish and provided great resources prior to my session. The energy she exudes is of such a high vibration that working with her was perfect for the healing work that was done. I loved what came through in my regression and have taken steps to move out of the limiting patterns that came through as a result of the coaching she provided. After the regression, she spent a good deal of time helping me process the bigger emotions and come back to the present. I cannot recommend working with her enough! She is a MUST for your spiritual journey.”
KM, remote IQH session

“I have had a session with Jane and 1000% recommend anybody considering this to give yourself this gift! My session was absolutely life changing. Jane was so incredibly supportive throughout the entire time. She made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and at ease which allowed me to let go and experience everything that wanted and needed to come forth. I saw and experienced multiple lifetimes including a few off planet, in Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu where I was still in energy form/light body. I connected to planets and stars and was given star codes and information supporting a new energy system I am learning. There was so much more. Too much to share here, but I will say again, it was life changing. Please, do yourself a favor and book a session with Jane. Watch your life shift and change also. It’s incredible! Thank you Jane!!!”
Dina D, remote IQH session

“It has been a week since my Galactic Astrology session with Jane, and I am amazed by the profound transformation this session has facilitated. Before our session, Jane tuned into me to prepare an extensive report about key galactic incarnations, the main characteristics of star races that I am related to, my soul color, dominant elements, and more which she then shared during a zoom call. The most incredible and unexpected aspect of our session was that Jane was not only describing these galactic past lives, but she was also facilitating activation and energy clearings related to these past lives. As she was speaking, I felt energy move through my body to make space for lost aspects of my soul to come back and integrate. At last, I felt at peace with past, present, and feature. My whole perception of who I am and what is important in my life shifted. As the days after the session are going by, I am able to fully grasp the profound effect the Galactic Astrology session had for me. It not only helped me understand what inspires me and moves me forward in my evolution as a soul but it also provided the needed healing and activations so I can step into my full power. Thank you, Jane. Once more I received from you help that no one else could have provided me with. I am forever grateful.”
Ana, galactic astrology session

“I was very pleased with the information that Jane provided me with regard to my galactic history. It gave me some much needed information that I was immediately able to implement and activate in order to further my healing journey. I am very grateful to her for the time and effort she put into this and would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to know more about their galactic origins.”
Lily J, galactic astrology session

“It was really interesting to have another Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner read my Chart. The session was very aligned and it resonated a lot with me. A beautiful new layer discovered about my Soul Journey. Thank you Jane, you are very intuitive!”
Paula, galactic astrology session 

“My recent session with Jane has been such an expansive, wonderful experience. I got an “extended natal chart and soul reading” with a relocation add-on. The structure of the session makes it easy to follow along, and it was thoughtfully and thoroughly curated. Depending on the familiarity with astrology and fixed stars the input can at times be overwhelming, due to the sheer amount of it, thus it is fantastic and so helpful to not only receive a recording of the session, but an extensive written report as well. Truly a priceless gem, which I’ll be returning to again and again as there are always new insights and perspectives to be gained. It also allows one to go and explore specific details/ key points from the session, e.g. if you want to dive deeper into different aspects of your astrological chart or particular fixed stars, there are numerous avenues to delve into that’ll take you down the rabbit hole. Jane has been so accommodating, kind and supportive during, as well as after the call. Throughout the session she always made sure to ask whether I have any questions, as well as if what she’s saying resonates and there was room for me to share certain life experiences. She was able to facilitate a sacred space that made me feel seen and validated. I deeply appreciate that. Being able to visualize and feel into my past life incarnations, based on her detailed and comprehensive channelings, is just so remarkable, it’s hard to even put into words just how meaningful that is to me. Ever since the session I have experienced so many synchronicities and aha-moments, which led to new insights and significant shifts. Truly such a gift and I’m feeling so much gratitude. I can only highly recommend getting a reading from Jane, and investing in yourself.”
Isabel L, galactic astrology session

“I highly recommend Jane/Violet Flame Healing and Guidance to anyone looking to gain insight into their journey and finding a deeper context for their life. I had no previous experience with galactic astrology and got a lot out of learning about my chart, the information all felt relevant and helpful. Jane is a very skilled and knowledgeable reader and I was blown away by how much information she was able to gather intuitively with only minimal information. Wherever you are on your journey I’m sure she’ll be able to help you gain deeper understanding of your life and bring forth information to help with the path forward.”
Timur G, galactic astrology session

“Jane’s extraordinary faculties combine thorough astro analysis with far-reaching intuition. What she was telling me during a 90-minutes remote session left me in wonder about the precision of details concerning my present, but also my past incarnations. I felt deeply seen and accepted in the core of my being. Her visions rang deeply true to me and extended the understanding of myself in a silent, but nevertheless profound way. I can recommend Jane’s services without reservations!”
Torben M, galactic astrology session

“I had felt guided to receive my first in person reiki session with Jane after watching one of her videos. It was a wonderful and healing experience. She has such a beautiful presence and during the session I experienced beautiful imagery and tingly sensations during the light language and sound healing… Afterwards I felt so light, and guided even more on my path. I highly recommend Jane and will be going back to her again to try out her Quantum Healing Hypnosis next.”
KA, in-person energy healing session

“I had an amazing session with Jane, she is a talented facilitator and a guide, very patient, nurturing, and gifted. I had a great experience and will recommend her to anyone interested in regression work. She helps you go deeper and search for answers within yourself, to work through old outdated patterns or beliefs, she helps to connect the dots between past and present and what is needed for healing. You will be in great hands with her, don’t hesitate to book a session.”
Anastasia Wiley, remote IQH session

“Jane is a Wonderful Healer, thoughtful and Very Intuitive. She is warm, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. I walked away with some great insight and the feeling of complete relaxation. Please do yourself a favor and see her, she is a bright light shining in Ashland🌼”
Annie, in-person energy healing session

“Jane had me for a fantastic energy healing experience. We spent about 2 hours together. She greeted me with a relaxing conversation and asked if I have anything particular to share. Then she started the reiki session gently and ended with a soothing sound ritual. I felt really relaxed afterwards. She also gave me some guidance based on what she sensed during the session. She suggested me to check out mount Ashland for a deeper enlightenment, which I did later, and it was amazing! Thank you so much Jane, for going above and beyond in helping my healing journey!”
Luying, in-person energy healing session

“Jane is absolutely incredible; so kind and welcoming – I instantly felt at ease. The session was enlightening in ways that were surprising and thrilling. She really has a gift and you’d be lucky to book a session with her! Truly unforgettable.”
Morgan, in-person energy healing session

“This was a new experience for me and I have to say that it was well worth it. Jane is a beautiful old soul who makes you feel comfortable and gives you honest feedback that may surprise you. I highly recommend visiting Jane if you are looking for genuine guidance.”
Carlos, in-person energy healing session

“Jane is a great human made of a pure energy. I felt comfortable and safe in her home, she made sure to answer any lingering questions I had about the experience as it was my first time. Jane took her time with me, excavated on some of my thoughts. I enjoyed how easygoing she was and how I could open up to her so easily. It was as if I knew her for years but it was out first time meeting. She has a warmth and calmness that truly radiates. After the energy healing, I explained some of what I had felt and she also detailed to me some of what she picked up. I also got GREAT recommendations from her about authors, helpful websites/YouTube channels, books, and concepts. I left feeling so great! Overall an amazing experience, would definitely recommend Jane. I will be connecting with her for future experiences. If you’re a little curious about this, just go for it. You won’t regret it.”
Iris, in-person energy healing session

“Working with Jane today was such a gift. Her space is warm and inviting. She is incredibly intuitive and has amazing energy. The session was very uplifting and supportive of my current process. Jane shared many insights and lots of information after the session which will prove to be very useful for me as I integrate this phase into my journey. Oh, and the sound healing was ahhhhhmazing! Thank you so much, Jane!”
Gwenn, in-person energy healing session

“Jane is a blessing I had never experienced an intuitive healing session and she made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for awareness and purpose. I plan on seeing her again.”
Sharon, in-person energy healing session

“Jane is a very humble, grounded, healer. Her intuitiveness was spot on. This was a very healing experience and I believe making a stop in Ashland specifically to receive this treatment is well worth the trip.”
Linda Jo, in-person energy healing session

“This was truly a magical experience for myself and for my 19-year-old daughter. Jane is such a sweet soul and she is so easy and comfortable to talk to. Jane is very gifted at what she does and I am still feeling the positive affects almost a week later. And my shoulder STILL doesn’t hurt anymore!!!!”
Lena, in-person energy healing session

“I recently have had the good fortune of meeting and working with Jane Andrianova of Violet Flame Healing and Guidance and have found her to be a very gifted Reiki Master, Trans-Dimensional Energy Healer, and Clairevoyant. Her approach is very thorough and thoughtful and is filled with the Light of Clarity, Compassion and Self-Assuredness. She is also very reasonably priced compared to other practitioners of her caliber! I have left every session feeling uplifted and activated with a greater sense of purpose and poise and I therefore highly recommend her sacred services to any and all of you out there who are seeking deeper healing and an unfoldment of all the magic and mystery that this Infinite Universe has to offer you.”
Jeffree, in-person energy healing session

“Jane is the best guide for Shasta high vibrational excursions! Jane, thank you for the amazing day! You have a passion and knowledge of Shasta that made our experience magical! Your guides, intuition, meditation and playfulness made you the best guide for our first-time Shasta adventure! ❤️”
Sara, Mount Shasta sacred nature hiking tour

“Jane was amazing sharing her wisdom and insights taking us to some of her (and now our) sacred spots. Can’t wait to meet up with her again!! 10/10”
Rusty and Andrea, Mount Shasta sacred nature hiking tour

“Jane is very intuitive and knowledgeable guide. My husband and I are a bit antisocial but Jane’s presence was soothing and comforting to us. We were able to chat about a multitude of things, including different spiritual concepts and topics. She knows the surrounding areas well and was able to recommend many places to further explore on our own. We had a very lovely day with Jane and highly recommend her.”
Hope and Jamie, Mount Shasta sacred nature hiking tour

“Mt. Shasta and Jane together is the most memorable trip in my life so far, period. Jane shared and guided me not only to the mountain and lakes, but also on my spiritual journey. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to experience both outer and inner beauty of the world. Enjoy outer happiness & inner peace with Mt. Shasta and Jane together!”
Alex, Mount Shasta sacred nature hiking tour

“This was a wonderful experience! Jane is a great conversationalist. She is very knowledgeable about the glorious nature areas around Mt. Shasta. She is also well versed in several of the mythologies surrounding the mountain. Jane is very good with dogs too, which made it a much more enjoyable experience because I could comfortably enjoy it with my best buddy. The reiki was also very nice.”
Marcus, Mount Shasta sacred nature hiking tour

“What a special way to see Mt. Shasta! My mom and I stopped here on a family road trip and Jane made this experience super magical. She took us to 3 must-see places in the town. Each place was stunning! Jane is an energy healer and Reiki practitioner. She gave us each a 10-minute Reiki session & reading which was super insightful. She also led a 10-minute meditation facing Mt. Shasta, which gave me a lot of clarity. I highly recommend doing this experience whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular to Mt. Shasta!”
Evelina and Helen, Mount Shasta sacred hiking tour

“Jane combined conversation, an intuitive reiki session, sound healing, and feedback about my current transition. She is kind, warm, intelligent, and personable. A session with Jane is genuine and honest and I appreciate her guidance. I am grateful for generous 2 hours as well. It was so comfortable and not at all rushed.”
Damien, in-person energy healing session

This was a very eye opening experience. Great for people willing to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and feel a bit uncomfortable for positive long-term growth. Jane is very intuitive and helpful along the process. She’s also very sweet and will go at the pace you feel comfortable with. I’m very glad I got to meet her 🙂
Taryn, in-person energy healing session

“Я давно хотела пройти сессию квантового исцеления, но как-то не решалась. Скорее всего это было связанно со страхом перед неизвестностью, точнее – перед гипнозом, сессией на расстоянии, отсутствии контроля над ситуацией, и т.д. Но перед моим днем рождения, в гребанный COVID когда мало чего происходит, я попросила у Вселенной “чего-то Магического”. И та-да! Появляется Jane! Я была уверенна что это именно то, ведь Вселенная всегда посылает мне самое лучшее. Jane оправдала все мои ожидания. Во-первых она добрый, искренний эмпат. Видно что она делает сессии не ради денег, она реально хочет помочь. Во-вторых, она относится так ответственно к своей работе, что сразу внушает доверие. Её глубокое понимание всех процессов связанных с духовным развитием помогает ей проводить сессии на мегапрофессиональном уровне. Мне с ней было ооочень легко и я очень благодарна ей и всей своей группе поддержки Свыше, что свела наши пути.

Сама сессия, по-моему скорее глубокая медитация чем гипноз, так как я помню всё что со мной происходило и я чувствовала, что могу вполне легко выйти из этого состояния. То есть контроль над происходящим есть. Jane помогла мне увидеть в деталях очень важную для меня прошлую жизнь о которой я подозревала, но немного сомневалась. Не буду загружать деталями, но мне кажется каждый получает именно то, к чему готов и именно то, что надо. Общение с моим Высшим Я тоже было потрясающим. Я получила мудрые ответы на свои вопросы и развеяла очень болезненный аспект, который не давал покоя долгое время. После сессии чувствовала себя заряженной на все сто, ощущение примерно как после 10-ти дней на Бали :).

Нужно отметить ещё, что процесс исцеления начинается задолго до сессии и продолжается после неё. Я получила много инсайтов в течении нескольких недель.

В-общем, спасибо огромное тебе, Jane, за то добро которое ты даришь людям и за этот невероятный опыт! Keep shining, girl!”
Sanna, remote IQH session

“Женя, спасибо тебе за волшебное путешествие к самой себе, в глубину подсознания и к цельности своей души. Мне было это очень нужно сейчас. Благодарю, что Вела и сопровождала меня. Невероятный, целительный опыт. . Обязательно сделаем это ещё. Вместе”
Julia, remote IQH session

“Опыт гипноза был очень интересный. Не думала что может уйти столько времени на глубинное копание себя, чем мы занимаемся всю жизнь. Если вы ищите новые подходы к исцелению своего внутреннего я,то это для вас! Женя прекрасный специалист своего дела и её подход к каждому очень индивидуальный и тщательный. Я считаю что каждый человек должен пройти через это, чтобы понять почему мы здесь и как работает мир. Это ещё одна сторона специалиста, которая очень важна. Если вы выбираете гипноз то важно учитывать кто его делает. Люди, которые обладают даром видения, интуицией и целительной энергетикой, а также помогут вам с ответами на ваши вопросы и дадут консультацию после гипноза. Женя оказалась именно таким человеком. Очень рада что мы встретились. Благодарю за помощь”
Irina, remote IQH session

“Хочу поделиться своим отзывом о сессии, которую проводила мне Женя. Это был первый опыт для меня. Именно многочасовой сессии. Это очень интересно и ценно. Получаешь ответы на вопросы, которые важны в данный момент Жизни. Более глубинно начинаешь осознавать, свою многомерную Божественную Природу. Что ты не ограничен, лишь только физическим телом и этим опытом физического проживания в этом теле. Женя прекрасный проводник на Пути познания себя. Благодарю её за опыт и душевный контакт.”
Oksana K, remote IQH session

~ Believe in miracles and life will be miraculous ~